Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little boys and Little girls...lots of differences.

Let me start by saying that not all little girls and not all little boys are the same. This is my own experience and many other moms have agreed. I had a daughter first who was sweet and observant. When she learned to sit up, I could sit her in front of her toys and she would entertain herself long enough for me to gulp down a large cup of coffee and some toast. I would sit off in the distance and watch her. It was heaven.

When she learned to crawl and walk, if she found something, she would hand it to me instead of putting it in her mouth.(that is not a girl thing....just a very cautious thing) She was an early talker. Chatting up a storm and trying to tell her stories while spouting her ABC's. She loves her dolls and is very meticulous with her baby set-up. She will care for her babies all day long. And when we had our son, she suddenly had her real life baby to care for. She was so sweet to him from the very beginning. She would kiss him without request and hug him just because.

But soon, the baby began to grow and he began to get into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Every drawer, cupboard, case, box....anything and everything at his respective level was fair game. And, unlike my daughter, he stayed on one toy for about a milisecond then went to the next. He was/is a mile a minute. And everything went into his mouth. He had no fear. He would undo an entire roll of toilet paper and stuff into the toilet. Or, to change things up, he would lead the roll of toilet paper about the house. He was an early crawler and an early walker but he waited awhile to talk.

Now, we call him parrot cause he repeats everything we say and he is Mr Chatty Cathy. He jumped out of his crib at 16 months, so we put in the crib tent...problem solved. Then, a few months ago, I walked into his room and found him standing up on the crib rail. He looked at me and said, "Mom, watch, I jump!" Yeah, my daughter would never have done that.

I learned the biggest difference between the boys and the girls when my son was super little. I learned this watching my niece and a friend's son. They each took turns dancing with this huge feather. My niece grabbed it and did gentle swaying and twirling moves with it. Then she handed it over to the fella and he immediately used it as a sword...killing everything in sight with incredible force. Hilarious!

I do have to say that my daughter is very protective of her little bro, similar to the way I would hope an older brother would be. We were at a McDonald's Playland during our drive home from California at Christmas. There were several kids at the particular play area and as they both started to go up one tunnel, I noticed there were several bigger boys making lots of noise at the top. I quickly grabbed my daughter and said, "Take care of Spider at the top. Don't let anyone hurt him." Next thing I know, I see Skye at the top with her arms around Spider, hugging him, yelling to all the boys, "Don't you hurt my brother!!" over and over again. It was adorable. Maybe her brother is starting to rub off on her.

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