Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing my kids to "Figure It Out"

Recently, my kids have started to hear from their friends that I was on TV.  Apparently lots of elementary schoolers and their parents watch the Food Network.  Kids would come up to my daughter and say, "We saw your mommy cooking?"  Skye didn't know what to make of it except to say, "Can I go on TV next time you are on?"  

Hosting Figure It Out
I figured it might be time to show her my most prized work, my time hosting "Figure It Out."  Problem was, I didn't have any episodes.  Coincidentally, I was in NY a few days later and met with some of my pals at Nickelodeon so I asked the producer of the show for a few copies. They were delivered to my doorstep a few weeks later, and I am not going to lie, I was pretty stoked! I couldn't wait to show my kids the greatest slime show EVER. (sorry Double Dare) 

So I sat them down in front of the TV with a huge smile and just waited, watching their  as Jay said... "SUMMER SAN-DERS!!!" Nothing.  I watched them as the kids got slimed. A few giggles. After 15 minutes, Skye turned to me and very gently said, "Mommy, can we please watch Sponge Bob?" My husband started rolling and I was doubled over.  The greatest lesson I learned when hosting a kids show…you never know what kids are going to say and you better be ready for anything.  

The same holds true for parenting!

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