Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Theme Parks...worth the wait

What I really learned from theme parks.

Ending our day at Disney
My son Spider and I are fresh off a quick trip to Orlando. I had taken Skye to LA as a special treat, so when this opportunity came up for work outing, it had Spider's name written all over it.  He had no idea what "Disney World" meant, but he was still spreading the word around his preschool.  He actually had to check with me. It was too cute..."This weekend I am going to….mom...where am I going again?" The excitement and anticipation of a theme park is almost overwhelming. Experiencing it brings me back to my youth, and what I remember most  from my theme park experiences was that they were my first SERIOUS introduction to LINES!  Lines everywhere.  Lines to get thru the turnstile.  Lines to meet Mickey.  Lines to go to the bathroom.  Mega lines for Splash Mountain.  

What I realized during this trip to Magic Kingdom with my 4- year-old is that theme parks are great teachers of patience.  They teach us that great things are worth waiting for, and often times, the anticipation is half of the excitement.  I was so proud of my little dude.  He only complained twice while waiting in line…much better than his mom! :)

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