Sunday, February 5, 2012

My first & only Super Bowl

My first and only Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXVII on Jan. 31, 1993. The game featured the Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills (ironic, that I am a huge Bills fan). Garth Brooks sang the national anthem, and Michael Jackson preformed at half-time, which might have been the greatest halftime ever! I was straight off the Barcelona Olympics, and SO excited to be invited to my first Super Bowl. My brother, Trevor, came along as my guest and we went to as many events as possible leading up to the game. Of course, it was nothing like it is now, But one event that sticks out was the Sports Illustrated party. All Trevor wanted to do was meet Kathy Ireland. (I think she was on the cover of the swimsuit issue that year), and when we walked into the party, we immediately began to scan the room for her. I secretly found her, and guided Trevor over to her table and introduced myself and then with a huge smile, introduced my brother. We said good-bye about 45 seconds later, and I walked away quickly with a giggle. I turned to Trevor and said, "What did you think? Are you so excited you met her?"

He looked at me, stunned and said, "Who? Excited to have met who?"

"Kathy Ireland!!" I said. He response, and I quote: "What? I just met Kathy Ireland?"

He was too busy looking for her that he didn't even realize WHO he as meeting. It's a CLASSIC memory to this day.

The Final score of the game was Dallas 52, Bills 17 :(. I was a Junior at Stanford, so after the game we rushed to airport and back to reality. So far that's my only Super Bowl experience. But it was amazing!

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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