Friday, February 10, 2012

My time on Celebrity Cook-Off

Now that the show is over and the Super Bowl has passed, I've had a chance to reflect on my experience with Rachael v. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off so I thought I'd share.

In all honesty, reality shows freak me out a bit, both watching them and being on the them. It feels like you never know what you are going to see or what people might say about you. It's like the worst version of high school back to haunt you. But when the opportunity to appear on the Food Network came up and I had a chance to compete for Right To Play, I had faith that it was going to be less about the drama and more about the food. It turns out, the food brought the drama!

When they were casting for the show, they asked me if I cooked. My response was "Every single day! For my family." But I made sure they knew that my "clientele's" average age was 4 and that mild, healthy and colorful were my general guidelines :)

The experience as a whole was phenomenal! I couldn't say this before the show aired, but Lou, Coolio and Cheech were BY FAR the best cooks in the kitchen. They were chef-like. I think that's why I was blown away when my steak beat cheech...thank you daddy for the bloody mary butter! But I learned a to hold a knife properly, to never move a piece of meat when it first meets the heat, how to feel whether a steak is done by comparing it to the meaty part of the palm of your hand, that infused butter is SUPER EASY to make, and that a little love goes a LONG way when it comes to food.

We shot the entire show in 10 days over the summer in NYC. My kids came along, and we made the whole experience an adventure. Thank you Food Network, Guy and Rachael…what a ride! And congratulations LDP! You were amazing.

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