Friday, March 12, 2010

The oasis in my bedroom

My husband has a REAL problem with mess and clutter. I think he is starting to seriously rub off on me. There is a big part of me that wishes I could give everything I own away and start over from scratch. EVERYTHING. But, I can't do that... So, I decided to add a little something to create a bit of balance in my bedroom. Not in my bed :) but in my bedroom. It took us almost 3 years to get it right but I think our room is just now coming together. It is an odd shaped room. A rectangle with big huge windows at one end. The windows are actually what sold us on the house. The give us an incredible view of one of the ski resorts in town. It is amazing. Not that we ever get to hang out in bed and check out our view with 2 lil rugrats runnin the show but nonetheless, I like knowing they and it are there. We thought long and hard as to how our bed and dresser should be set up. It took a few changes and switches (mostly while one spouse was out of town) until we found the right feel. But then we were stuck with a large space next to the windows that just seemed to collect clutter. It was always the first thing I saw/noticed when I entered our room and I hated it! Every time I walked in I would feel messy and unorganized. (although I am a bit unorganized...I dislike the reminder) I knew what I wanted in that space. I wanted it to feel like one of my favorite hotels..Shutters! I wanted two yummy chairs with a cozy fabric. I was hoping for linen but I couldn't find it anywhere. Instead I went with a fun fluffy cream colored fabric and we ordered a dark wood round side table to go in between the chairs. It looks incredible. And now, when I walk into my room, all I feel is comfort. I immediately smile at how relaxing our room looks and feels. It is amazing how 2 chairs can completely change the vibe of a room. That is, until I glance down at the random toys and dirty laundry to put away.

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