Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovin my job and sunny days in NYC

I just got back from NYC where I was taping my guest appearance on Rachael Ray. I flew in on what could have been the nicest day of the year in NY. It was 61 degrees without a cloud in the sky. It felt like Spring weather. If you have ever lived in NY then you know what I am talking about when I describe the day as the day all NYers feel like it it spring. That day comes when you wake up and every restaurant and cafe have their outdoor seating up, out and ready to go. Literally it goes from NO outdoor seating to ALL outdoor seating. People are happier and the city comes to life even more. I love it. My spot on RR wasn't until the next afternoon so I was able to have a bite to eat with one of my dearest friends that night. We had both been so busy that we had not seen each other for awhile...and we had A LOT to catch up on. The next morning was beautiful AGAIN so I grabbed my running gear and ran thru the park to a breakfast meeting on the west side at my favorite place EVER, Good Enough To Eat. Yikes do I love NY food or what! Then came time for my spot. I love my job. It brings me to amazing places, NY being one of them and I truly love the people I get to meet and work with. The folks at Rachael Ray are my people. They are so damn wonderful it is almost illegal. I walk thru the halls there and I feel very much at home. Rachael was super fun and sweet and we goofed about Celebrity Apprentice a bit. She seemed genuinely excited about the show. I love talking to her. A real sweet heart with some serious work ethic! I have been working in the TV business for 17 years and feel extremely lucky. Yes, I know I have put in many years of incredibly hard work and tons of time away from home but I love what I do and am grateful that I still able to pull it off! Thanks Rach for the trip to NYC!

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