Friday, March 19, 2010

A few days away goes a long way!

Three days and two nights. Doesn't sound like much but it goes a LONG way. My husband and I planned a last minute trip to Las Vegas. It seems impossible that a mom of 2 toddlers can get away last minute but with the help of an awesome mother-in-law, daycare, school and friends, we pulled it off. Believe it or not, I brought my computer to blog but didn't get around to it...too much fun, rest and pool time.

Here is how it went down. We bought our plane tickets the day before. We called The Palms Place to reserve our room (we own a unit with my family.) And we confirmed all our kids care. I have to say, as a mom, I was a little uneasy with the "last minute" part of our getaway but with a family member in charge, it made it a lot easier. We each had a small carry-on and we were ready.

People actually laughed at us for going to Vegas for some R and R but it was awesome. We arrived at noon on Tuesday and it was gorgeous. We immediately went down to the pool where we sat in the sun for a bit. Next up, a little workout, steam and shower. Then it was naptime...yes, naptime. I was in heaven. We were up and out the door before 7 for a little blackjack (my fav) and then dinner at Yellowtail in the Bellagio. If you haven't seen the Bellagio light show, you haven't lived (maybe a little dramatic). We scored a table was perfect weather and the light show took place right in front of us. I must have been a little tired still cause I was so emotional as to how perfect it was that I almost cried! And the food was amazing..poprocks in sushi, what's not to love?!

Two more days of the same thing we came home, rested, relaxed, well tanned, well fed and $500 richer. The best part of the trip was walking through our front door to 2 screaming little people. Our son was buck naked and our daughter was clothed. They both ran straight for us, our daughter into our arms and my son just started jumping up and down in place...they were both screaming "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" It feels good to be loved! Viva Las Vegas!

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