Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who have I become....in the mirror?

Take an extra minute to look at yourself in the mirror.
It is amazing how we have grown up. Maybe we like ourselves maybe we need a little reintroducing. Ok, stop laughing. I am serious. When was the last time you really looked at your face. Not the wrinkles, (aka laugh lines) but beyond all the spots and imperfection.

I feel like the speed of our days is insane. I trust that my mommy friends out there know what I am talking about. There are days when I get 5 minutes in front of a mirror if I am lucky. So do me a favor today and find some time to appreciate what you have. Look at your eye color. Just recently I have been told over and over how my daughter and I have the same eye color. So I am going to take a close look at mine and find the brown and green in them.

I know my nose has changed. I want to see it from a profile. Who have I grown to look like in my family?? And then there is my lip. I am always biting it and my daughter is always asking why I have a bump on it. I want to check that out.

Make sure to smile in the mirror so that you can appreciate all your character. It is actually pretty funny cause when I do this, I tend to laugh at myself which is so much fun and a great part of this process. Don’t be too critical. You are beautiful because you have lived. You have freckles and sunspots cause you went on vacation and enjoyed the sun.

Love who you are, today, my friend.

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