Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nighttime TV and flatter stomach

If you are at all like me you neglect the sit-ups at the end of a workout. I love a good sweat so I tend to focus more on the cardio and then fit in a few weights. Generally by the time I am done with my workout, I glance at my watch and am rushing to get out of there to finish the 45 other things I need to do before picking up the kiddos from school/daycare.

But really, come on, it is about 5 extra minutes. So let’s get to it.
Here is what you need to do. Before you hop into bed. Literally…so after you have brushed your teeth, washed your face and finished anything else you do lay down on your bedroom floor. Turn the TV on to a yummy program. Take a moment to stretch then start with a normal half sit-up. Put the palms of your feet on the floor with your knees bent. Keep your hands behind our head and your shoulders back. Lift your back off the floor so that you feel your tummy working. Be sure to blow out with each sit “up”.
50 sit-ups

Then switch to crunches. Same position except your legs are bent and feet are in the air.
Don’t pull your head with your hands. Keep your arms and hands relaxed but focus on getting your chest to your knees. Breath out with each crunch.
50 crunches.

Now to work the sides or obliques. Lay on your side with your legs bent. You can mix it up either doing a sit-up or a side-up. Sit up is where your upper body is still facing the ceiling. A side-up is where your upper body is facing the side and your elbow is crunching up.
25 side sit-ups on each side.

Finally to bicycles. Laying on your back with hand behind your head. Lift straight legs about 3 inches off the floor and pull one knee in while other leg stays straight. Try to bring the opposite elbow to that knee. Kick out the bent leg and bring in the other knee while twisting with other elbow. Move through this like you were riding a bicycle.
50-100 total.

Finally, get in a good stretch and hop into bed. Now you have done your sit-ups…but did you floss!!!

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