Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sherman's interview provides teaching moment

I along with most of NFL loving America watched the last few minutes of the nail-biting NFC Championship game between San Francisco and Seattle. I was pacing back and forth and couldn’t believe yet another big game was coming down to the final seconds. I’ll admit, I was bummed. I was a Niners fan all through my youth and still cheer for them in the NFC, but I married into the love of the Buffalo Bills and we ride as a team in the AFC house. But it was the event after the end of the game that had me shaking my head….and I know I am not alone.
I am a Stanford alum and so is Richard Sherman. I know the way we are taught to respect not only ourselves, but also our teammates, our school, and our game. I was cringing watching Sherman. I was disappointed on so many levels, but first and foremost, I was bummed for him. I knew he was going to regret the interview the next day. . .
Screen capture of Richard Sherman interview on-air with Erin Andrews

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