Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gold Meets Golden: My Golden Globes experience

I wonder if the big stars get excited for these big nights? Maybe some do, but possibly the others are tired of the whole thing. Who knows? For me it is SUCH a departure of my day-to-day life that I feel like a teenager heading to my first Homecoming. The most make-up I wear is a tinted moisturizer and mascara! Seriously, I am THAT lazy. I curl my lashes, and I use a bit of mascara. Yes, you read that correctly, I don’t even really know how to do much else, so getting glam and sassy for the Golden Globes was an experience. Apologizes now if I name drop, but it was that kind of night

When I asked my friend Trish Suhr if she wanted to go to a Golden Globes after-party with me, she had the fastest text response in history and then immediately began her trade, organizing. She knew I was gonna show up with my dress wadded up in my U.S. Ski Team Über backpack and my year old make-up. Uh-huh!And that was not going to happen on her watch. So this past Sunday turned into my own grown-up “Bibbity, Bobbity, Boutique”…just much less frightening.

I left my house in Park City at 9:15 am after snow blowing 8 inches of fresh powder off our driveway and white-knuckled it up and over the summit to SLC airport. I saw three cars off the side along the I-80 route, and I was focused and hell-bent on getting to warmer ground. My flight was filled with a ski team from Kazakhstan wearing surgical masks… which always kind of freaks me out but was probably smart for an Olympic athlete. As soon as I popped down into my seat, I sighed with relief. LA and Golden Globes here I come.

Read more about the night's events and check out my photo gallery at My Semi-Chlorinated Life.

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