Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Semi-Chlorinated Life: Sport Teaches Amazing Lessons

Sport can teach so many amazing lessons. And this story will demonstrate just why that’s what it’s really all about.

A seven-year-old smiled her nervous self through all four apparatus in her first gymnastics meet of the season. Her mom could tell she was nervous because before each event, she would look at her coach with these bright excited eyes and take a deep breath with a little chuckle, it’s the way she handles that stuff. She soaked up every single cheer from her teammates, and she put every ounce of her little body into everything she did. And SHE WAS PROUD. Her parents were up in the stands cheering, clapping, and catching her eye to give her a thumbs-up. She would look at her scores and her eyes would light up because she was so much better than last year. She repeatedly counted out her score on her fingers just so her parents could really see what she had just accomplished. She congratulated her teammates, and her teammates did the same to her. The camaraderie was amazing to watch.

All the while, her mom kept thiking about what her daughter said to her the night before this meet. While readying for bed, the little girl had said, “I am so excited to win a ribbon or a medal tomorrow.” Her mom wanted to prepare for all possible outcomes so she gently replied, “You know, not everyone will get a ribbon so if you want one, you have to think about all the little things and try to do them your absolute best. But no matter what, daddy and I are SO incredibly proud of you because you have been working so hard. You have truly dedicated yourself.” She smiled. She was already proud of herself, and she didn't seem worried. . .

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