Friday, November 1, 2013

Semi-Chlorinated Life: Why I Sign Up for Races

It’s easy to realize why I sign up for races. I started competing at the age of 4…Oh wait…I started competing once I realized I was competitive and had a brother. Those 2 things, competition and my brother, were key ingredients to the beginning of my swimming career. I wanted to be right there with my brother, doing whatever he and his friends were doing, and keeping up with them every step of the way. Much of the time, he wouldn't let me join in, which made me work even harder for it. When you are born competitive and raised competitive, the juices never really stop flowing through your system. Sure the flow can slow, as it did after my competitive swimming career, but it never really dries up. And that is why I race now.
In the beginning, I was a afraid to sign up for any race because I wasn't sure I could keep myself from turning into super competitive Summer. . .Read the rest about why I race on my Semi-Chlorinated Life babble blog.

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