Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The new(er) role of dad

It takes a village. We’ve all heard the expression and most of us would agree with the sentiment when it comes to raising children. What we often fail to recognize is that the dynamic of the American family is so much different than that of our parents.  When my mom and dad were raising my brother and I, my mom claims that my dad never changed a single  diaper.  Who knows if that's really true…my dad claims to "not remember", but the fact is... even if it isn't true, it isn't far off.  And I know my dad wasn't the only one. That was just the way of things at that time.

Erik with Skye & Spider
Today, however, things have change. The role of the fella in my family is a much more active member of the team on every level.  Let's face it, in today’s family with working moms and dads, and more activities than ever for our children, we all have to pull our weight. Whether that’s carpool or laundry, cooking or emptying the dishwasher (how in the world can it fill up every single day, sometimes twice???!) In order for the wheel to turn, moms and dads have learned to divide and conquer.  And while this mentality did not appear over night, and took quite a few arguments to see eye-to-eye on what it takes to keep this machine working, it’s the only it works for our family & our relationship. 

For example, if I am getting the kids dressed, Erik is packing their lunches.  When I ask for a girls’ night out, he picks a night for hockey.  And although he still asks me to text him the grocery list, he doesn't mind stopping by the store. He’s learning to embrace these tasks.  So anyone who thought that teamwork was just for sports, you missed a lesson. Teamwork is essential to a healthy, happy and thriving home life as well.   

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