Thursday, September 20, 2012

Football Sunday

Football Sunday is Family Day.

There are no words to describe how much I LOVE football Sunday.  When I think about why I love it so much, I can only bet it is because Sunday was my only day off from training growing up. It was the day when I could sleep in, be lazy, eat whatever I wanted, and spend some time with my family. And let's face it, there really was no better way to hang out and enjoy the day than to listen to the soothing sounds of Chris Collinsworth and Co. talking a little football.  Growing up in Roseville, CA., I was of course a 49ers girl. The local community college, Sierra College, was only about two miles from my front door, and it was the home of the Niners’ training camp every year during my youth. I LOVED it.  There was nothing funnier to me than watching those big linemen trying to squeeze into the giant inner tubes to float around in the swimming pool. Then see them smash people in the fall.

My husband Erik grew up much the same way, spending Sunday’s watching his favorite team with his family during his time away from the slopes. And he grew up in Hamburg, NY. So to put it mildly, he’s a huge Buffalo Bills fan. I lived in NYC for 10 years, and while it wasn’t upstate New York, I did become quite familiar with all the northeast team. So when we join our lives to become a family, I took Erik and his Bills, “for better or worse”.

Which brings me back to Sundays. To me, and to a lot of families across the country, Sunday has always been about relaxed plans and being with family. That's what football is to me. It brings people together in a very uncomplicated and carefree way. Now that we have a family of our own, we gather around the TV together and cheer as a unit. Last Sunday was the first of many where the entire house was cheering, "Go Bills!" and then later, “Go Niners”! Representing both the AFC & the NFC.

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  1. I thought maybe you would have your mother-in-law show you some of her cheers from the good old days!