Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remember to support the Arts even if she is 4

I went to my niece’s dance recital today and it was amazing. She was absolutely adorable. She only did a few of the moves but you know she knew it and was watching everyone else making sure they had it all down. Every age group and type of dance was represented. They all made me smile, cry or gave me the chills. We live in a pretty small town and I was overwhelmed by the incredible talent that was represented. I was also reminded of how important dance and all the arts are to a person and a community.

So I told myself today that I have to commit to going to either a play, opera, ballet or some type of performance a year. It is hard when you rarely get a night out for a date. We often go the easy route and head to dinner and a movie. But I am going to make a BIG effort to support the arts and appreciate them first hand.

I think I almost appreciate things more because I cannot do them. Watching all of the wonderful dancers today was a great wake-up call that unless we buy the tickets and make the effort, the arts will not survive.

Let’s try to do this and support these incredible talents.

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