Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer on the Run: Blog 17 -- First rule to fuel: Stay Hydrated

Summer on the Run: Blog 17 -- First rule to fuel: Stay hydrated.    Jan 21, 2013 | By Summer Sanders

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Fueling during training is something we all overlook at some point. It hurts when we do! It's important to put thought into it now, not later, so you can get it right on race day.
And one of the biggest parts of the fueling equation is hydrating properly. What you drink is one of the most important factors in how you feel after your workout and can help you on all of your long runs.
I've found the best way to stay hydrated is to have my own water bottle and carry it with me everywhere I go. My kids, Skye and Spider, each have their own water bottles, too. It's a good rule to let everyone choose a cool bottle, and then stick to only drinking out of your own. Aside from staying hydrated, you'll stay healthier. After fighting the flu last week, I learned how important it was to keep my germs to myself! If we were all sharing water bottles, I could have gotten everyone sick...
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