Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank goodness for grandparents

Ah grandparents. I will never forget the smell of Old Spice or the happiness I felt as I opened up my grandpa's car door during the summers when he picked me up from swim practice. he was always there and in my corner. He was the only person in the family that shared my and my brother's dislike for steamed brussel sprouts and would say it.  When my dad would make us eat them,  we would all laugh when my grandpa would say, "These damn things are just cabbages that never had a chance." I think my grandpa's presence in my life is the reason I cherish every moment my parents get to be around my kids and vice versa. 

There are so many things that grandparents can share with their grandchildren that you just can't give them. My parents teach my kids with a perspective and wisdom I'm haven't experienced yet, and nothing beats their "I want to spoil you at all cost" love.  I make it a point to schedule grandparent time so that they can build lasting memories together…and while it isn't easy living 1,000 miles apart, it is so very worth it. 

So as the holidays approach, and you begin to debate if it's worth the long ride or the hectic flight for such a short trip, remember that. If your grandparents are still alive, don't take them for granted. I never take for granted the fact that my parents are not only still around but still able to keep up with the little rugrats.  The memories of my time with my grandfather are a huge part of what I remember about my youth, and my grandpa's presence had a big affect on me. I want my kids to share in that revelry. We were so lucky to have my mom with us in London this summer, and I know that both my kids and my mom will never forget that special time they got to share together.

Let's face it, life is just better with grandparents. Their hugs and their love and their stories are unmatched.   

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