Friday, June 8, 2012

My son on a dirt track

My son has been trying to teach me something since he was about 9 months old.  The lesson has been both subtle and in your face.  He is trying to teach me to let him be brave, and maybe a little dangerous.  At least I see it as dangerous. He sees it as "what he likes to do.” He is, after all, is father’s son in that department. 

His dad spent 25 years going 70 mph down a sheet of ice on a pair of skis. So, you can only imagine what his dad was doing the 14 years before that.  I, however, don't have to imagine it…I'm living it with Spider.  You see, Spider was one of those kids who started riding his bike at two and a half, without the help of me or training wheels. He started skate boarding at 3.  And because Park City has such amazing terrain, he has quickly fallen in love with dirt biking as a four-year-old. 

I watch him cruise down the course, and it isn't until he reaches the bottom that I realize I have been holding me breath.  It makes me so nervous. Spider tells me, “Just breath mom…and stop saying "AHHH,” it freaks me out.”  So now, as I watch his face and see it go from deep concentration to complete elation when he finishes a run, I silently cover my mouth and breathe. And I become a little more comfortable each time with taking that step back and letting him do his thing.

Lesson…almost learned…

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