Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't call them little

If someone says “The big three” when referring to Olympics sports, can you guess what they are? At the Games, they are usually clumped together in venues that tend to usher their spectators into the same giant quad like area, and they often get a lot of the prime time TV love. They are: swimming, athletics and gymnastics. But we need to remember that they are only 3 of 26 sport played at the Olympics Games. 

When I was first introduced to the Olympics as a spectator back in 1984, we had a few tickets to the big three, but we focused mainly on the smaller venues.  I vividly remember standing outside the boxing venue waiting for Pernell Whitaker's autograph. If you are planning to take the family over to London, don't think you have to get tickets to the BIG 3 to make a BIG impact.  I was a swimmer, and I was just as inspired by watching the wrestlers and boxers as I was by watching Mary T. and Tracey C.…my swimming idols!  Think small and have big FUN!  Table tennis is some seriously fast-paced action.  Beach Volleyball plays a match about every minute, and talk about a party venue…sand, bikinis, Olympic volleyball, music...need I say more!  Or head to the rapids and watch the kayakers work wonders with mother nature.

I love venues where you get to walk around while cheering, or where the crowd is really into it so others to add to your list are mountain biking, cycling (especially the long distance track), water polo and taekwondo. And I don't know what it is about triathlon, but I FEEL every step for those competitors.  There are often many lead changes and super exciting finishes.  And finally, take the opportunity to fill the streets and cheer on the OLYMPIC MARATHONERS on the final day of the London Games.  Nothing says Olympic like 26.2 miles finishing in the Olympic stadium! 

All in all...If you get a chance to see it, SEE IT! Enjoy, be patriotic, and cheer for all sports!

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