Friday, March 30, 2012

Olympic Dreams

At this stage of training, an Olympic Hopeful does not rest easy.  I remember every time I shut my eyes, whether it was on my pillow or in the car on the way home from practice, my mind would immediately transport me to the starting block of my big race.  It was difficult to veer from thoughts of competition when I wanted my mind to rest.  In fact, it got to the point that I had to put together a "sleep tape" (Yes, I competed in the Walkman era!) in order to fall asleep.  The tape included a ton of Enya and wrapped up with "Purple Rain" by Prince. 

And while I doubt today’s Olympic Hopefuls will be making tapes of any kind or listening to Prince, I know they’re all fighting the excitement and the anxiety leading up to their Olympic Trials…those feelings just stick with you.

So to all the Hopefuls out there gearing up for their big moment, I have this advice:  Know at this point you are doing all you can, so be sure you take a moment to enjoy the journey and find something that calms you. Let your mind rest; it will make a world of difference.


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