Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer&Schwinn: Introducing…the Pedi-Cab

My latest Ride Schwinn Ambassador blog is up! Here's a little excerpt...

Introducing...the Pedi-Cab 
Before our last trip to New York City, if you had mentioned a “Pedi-Cab” to my kids, Spider and Skye, they would have had no clue about what you were talking about. In fact, they probably would have looked at you like you had ten heads! However, this most recent trip changed their five and three year-old lives. There was no turning back. 
Now, I think if they had their choice, my kids would trade our car for a Pedi-Cab! In fact, I wouldn’t be super opposed to this, except during the winter in Salt Lake…not sure any mom could handle (or enjoy) the -20 degree weather in a Pedi-Cab. With that said, on the streets of NYC, during the hottest week of the summer, they were perfect! Spider and Skye breezed along the streets in Pedi-Cabs, passing the bright lights and taking in all the action...

You can read the rest on on Scwinn's Facebook page, under the tab: Summer&Schwinn! Happy Riding.

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