Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game Time: Ready to Race

I recognize this feeling. I was first introduced to it when I was 4 years old standing on the starting blocks for my first swimming race. I describe it as nervous excitement. It is awesome. I love it, in fact, I live for it.

Sitting on the plane bound for Chicago to run my first Chicago Marathon, I feel it. (I have run two other marathons, both NYC…'99 and '02) This is the first big race that I have hopped on a plane that isn't a swimming competition. Maybe that's why these feelings are bringing me back to that very special time in my life.

With all the anticipation, I couldn't sit down at my departure gate. I just paced, scanning the crowd to see if anyone else looked as excited as me. On the plane I was reading my Runner's World magazine and tearing up at the story on Grete Waitz and her first NYC marathon win in '78. Plain and simple, I am getting psyched up, and I am so grateful to be feeling this way.

I am meeting my girlfriend Joanna in Chicago. And even though she knows she can't finish the race (knee injury), she is going to start with me and then get herself to the finish to cheer me on ( hamstring is giving me some problems). What a great friend! There's been so much support...the love has been pouring in from twitter & texts and its amazing…sending me telepathic strength really does make a difference.

I know I won't sleep tonight. I know I will be so excited. I thank you all for listening to my running stories of the past 6 months and for being such great supporters. I am such a lucky girl to have such wonderful friends.

If you want to follow my race, you can do so via the web or your mobile phone. Just visit this website and register to track me. I'll be wearing bib #4053.

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  1. Welcome to Chicago!!!....It's an honor to have you in our city. Best of luck are a true champion anyway though!!!!