Monday, March 21, 2011

Smile, we survived another mom day!

I say this with a huge smile on my face but today was one of those days where my husband and I looked at each other, put our hands up for a high five and said, "We survived!"

When our kids were newborns, we never got a full night sleep. At one point, we actually calculated it and I think we went about 3 years on month without getting a full night sleep while at home. (we did sneak away for a few adults-only trips) It is similar to the way I look back on my swimming schedule in high school...I don't know how in the hell I physically did it.

Sleep, I find, is only missed if you are reminded that you are missing it. In other words, once you do get a full night sleep, your body then gets a little ticked off realizing it has missed a few zzz's. Well, with our life, we have had several full nights of sleep lately. We are down right spoiled, to be honest with you. I am not gonna lie, I love my sleep. I cherish my sleep now more than ever and when I don't get a full night sleep...I am a walking zombie. Ok...let me clarify...when I am woken up at 3 am and not allowed to go back to sleep, I am a walking zombie.

That was my night last night. My son yells at me...yes I meant to write yells "at" me because he does with all his vocal strength. I run in there and he has wet his bed. So, time for a little snuggle session. Only problem, the lil one doesn't want it to be bedtime still. He didn't fuss, just played around enough so that I couldn't go back to sleep. And, since I am a few months into my full nights of sleep, it hit me hard this morning.

My eyes were heavy, I couldn't form sentences correctly. I was tweeting words out of place :). How did I do it when my kids were babies? How did I not get lost trying to drive myself home? How did I not pick up the wrong kid from the grocery cart?

My husband and I got the kids asleep and I am now going to curl up into my tempurpedic and hopefully hit REM in about 30 secs. Life is good when this is all we have to survive! :)

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