Monday, July 8, 2013

Find Your Fitness: Looking for healthy inspiration?

Summer Sanders will help you Find Your Fitness

Find Your Fitness is an MSN original video series featuring Olympian Summer Sanders as she explores the latest trends in exercise. Check back weekly to get Summer's behind-the-scenes take on each workout, plus photos and helpful information on how you can try this at home!
By Summer Sanders Tue 2:22 PM
I am so excited about this adventure. You see, I turned 40 in October of last year, and while I was proud of the moment, I often remind myself that age is just a number.
However, if there is ever a time for change, it is NOW! I run, and I LOVE to run, but my weekly routine is usually pretty simple: Run, run, run, swim, run, lift a few arm weights, do some sit-ups at night before bed, add an occasional push-up while I wait for the shower to heat up. That's it.
I feel sort of one-dimensional. Yes, I can run marathons, but am I strong? Am I fit? These are the questions I've been asking myself, and I'm not so happy with my answers. So, I'm teaming up with MSN Healthy Living on a fun and challenging quest to seek out all the great new fitness trends that I've been too busy (or too intimidated!) to try. That's what Find Your Fitness is all about . . . Read the rest on MSN Healthy Living

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