Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Boston, it's all about the Marathon!

You must be sick of me talking about it, but this is a big deal.  After being here and  seeing it in full swing, I can say without any hesitation that The Boston Marathon IS all it’s cracked up to be.  It literally takes over this city, from the new running shoes on the Lenox Hotel employee’s feet to the banners in every store front to the Sam Adam’s 26.2 brew!

You can’t get away from it, even if you wanted to.  In fact, I am pretty sure people who have never run are now inspired to get out there a pound the pavement a bit.  The feeling on the streets is electric.  It’s like one giant reunion with strangers coming together from all over the world through their passion for running

I have embarrassed my best friend about a millions times because I like to talk to strangers. I do this everywhere, from the elevator to a restaurant to the golf course.  But I think she would have been proud of me when I walked up to this wonderful woman on the street wearing a 2003 Boston Marathon jacket as we were both walking down Boylston Street toward the Expo. In our 3 block and 2 escalator conversation, I learned that she was running in her 10th Boston Marathon, she was from Santa Cruz, CA,  recently broke 3 ribs and hadn’t run in 5 weeks, but that she was guaranteed no worse than 3rd in her age group, the 80-84 women's group. Her name is Katherine and she is 80!
 I met John at breakfast. He's from Alabama,  he qualified for Boston running a marathon in Napa with his wife, and he’s hoping for a time of 3 hours tomorrow. Just like me, it will be his first Boston.  And then there was last night when I met Amby Burfoot and Jacqueline Hansen. Amby  will be running and celebrating the 45th anniversary of his 1968 Boston win, and Jacqueline  will be recognized as she marks the 40th anniversary of her 1973 victory...I am completely in AWE!

The bottom line is, this event is Fun. I feel like a kid who is a little scared and a little nervous, but mostly super excited to hear the starting gun for wave number 2! Life is too short to dream small, that is why I will tell anyone who listens, to make everything COUNT & DREAM BIG! Have fun tomorrow my brother and sisters,  sweating, living and hopefully loving every step of those beautiful 26.2 miles.

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