Thursday, February 21, 2013

The BIG Freeze & the Flu

You may have heard the news, or felt it, there’s a flu going around.  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all winter, I can image you’ve heard all about it. For most of us with kids, it is not a matter of if they will get it, but how many times it will work its way through the family.  If you are sick of it, just like me, take a look at these helpful tips to get the YUCK out of your house!

1.The Big Freeze.  I know it is awesome to feel all warm and cozy in your house when it is cold outside, but all those flu bugs and germs find it pretty cozy too. So take an afternoon and bundle up.  Turn your heat down as low as you can handle, or open up the doors and windows and leave them like that for 15 minutes.  BRRRR.  If you can’t prevent them from getting in, at least you can FREEZE them out! After those 15 minutes, button everything back up and gradually turn your heat back up.  No need to make it work over time.

2. Clean Air. When is the last time you changed your filters in your house? Yes, you need to change them! In fact, you should change them with every season around every three months. After the flu has ripped through your home, make that a priority.  Ahh, I can imagine the fresh air from here.

3. Wash Your Sheets! It seems as though every Friday I say to myself, where did the week go? As soon as I say that is when I grab my kids’ sheets and put them in the washer.  There are way too many germs cruising around at school, and although I am not overly obsessed with sanitizing them every second, I do think getting a fresh start where you lay your head can make a HUGE difference. Add towels, hand towels and wash cloths to that weekly wash list as well.

4. Make a habit of hand washing.  Make it easy and be consistent.  As soon as they walk through that door, get them to wash their hands.  After a week of reminding them, you will be surprised how quickly they begin to do it on their own…they may even remind you to do it!

Other great tips in the Infographic below.
Happy Flu prevention.

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