Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Facelift

Always Summer 

With a new year comes change. And for me that change begins with my blog.  When I first started jotting down bits life back in 2008, I had just become a mom for the second time and was dedicated to blogging every single day.  When coming up with the name, I wanted to share a "little sunshine" every day, therefore, "Daily Juice" was born.  I actually had larger plans of turning it into a web show but mommy duties were my priority.  Well, hundreds of blogs later I came to terms with the fact that I CANNOT blog everyday, nor do people have the time or desire to read something from me every 24 hours.  So, with a little nudging from my friend Holly Robinson-Peete, I began a little campaign to change the name of my blog.  When "Always Summer" came up,  a bit of advice I received before my first big interview when I was about 11 struck me…it was simply to "just be myself".  At the time, I looked at the person and thought, "That is silly, who else would I be?"  Today, that totally rings true. My blog is pure me, genuine and real and certainly not perfect. It's just "Always Summer"!

Thank you all for helping me find the perfect name for my blog!  Hope you love everything it offers in 2012! New feel, same face.


  1. I love it! Perfect name. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more. I have been watching you since I was young. I'm a former swimmer. Now I try to make a difference with my new venture...and blog where I reveal the real me - so NOT perfect, but so LOVED anyway! www.theolivetee.com