Friday, August 5, 2011

New York keeps getting better and better

The last time I was in NY with the kids for an extended period of time was 2009, Oct. 13-Nov. 19for Celebrity Apprentice. We stayed at the Trump International, which is right across from Central Park at Columbus Circle and an amazing location, especially with kids. My mom and a babysitter took care of the kiddos while I worked from 5am-11pm, and although all parties enjoyed it, there was nothing easy about it at all.

This past week, I was working in the city once again. The moment I got word that it was official, I called my mom and asked if she wanted another trip to NYC with the kids. She LOVES New York and jumps at any chance to soak up city life. I barely finished the question before she enthusiastically replied, "OF COURSE!" (My mom is a mazing.)

This time, I enlisted the help of some amazing resources…my twitter friends @Mommypoppins, @NYCityMama and more helped out by answering my questions about where to go and what to do in NYC with my kids. We went to the splash pad at the awesome playground at the south end of Central Park. They went to the Central Park Zoo. They even got a chance to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. They took two pedi-cab rides….one with a guy named Yaya, another with a guy named Stephen. Stephen gave them fun nuggets of Central Park knowledge. It was pretty cool to come back to the hotel and hear the kids say, "Did you know that there are rocks older than dinosaurs in the park? Do you know how many trees there are in Central Park? 26,000.” They were exploring and learning and the week flew by. The kids didn't want to leave.

My days were long at the studio, but every night I would come back, put the kids to bed, and ask my mom about their day. Every single day my mom would list all the funny things the kids said, describe their adventures, and finish it off with, "They were so good. This trip is SO much easier than last time." It is truly amazing the difference a year and a half makes. Makes me think that they will remember this trip even more….soaking up the hustle and bustle of city life, the lights and sounds of Broadway, and the thrill of Mary Poppins flying "right over their heads!"

I welcome my next job in NYC and so does my family.

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