Thursday, July 14, 2011

Easy and Delicious Salmon everyone can make!

Last night we made the yummiest and easiest salmon EVER! I must admit, I don’t eat fish enough…especially Salmon. But when I do, I try to buy “wild, caught” fish. I went to the store with no idea of what to prepare for dinner and when I stopped by the fish counter (cause my daughter wanted SHRIMP) I was hooked by the WILD CAUGHT SOCKEYE SALMON! It was gorgeous…if fish can be gorgeous. So, salmon was on the menu along with shrimp, asparagus and some Nan bread. I am not lying when I say this dinner took me 25 minutes. It had to, cause my kids were famished and ready to eat our couch if I didn’t have it ready lickety split. I put the salmon on a thick piece of tin foil, put a generous amount of olive oil on top, some kosher salt and pepper. That is it. For the asparagus, I wrapped it in tin foil along with water, olive oil and kosher salt. Both the fish(uncovered) and asparagus(wrapped) made their way to low heat on the bbq for about 11 minutes(every bbq is diff so check it often). The shrimp cooked up in pan in no time flat, about 7 minutes. I added some teriyaki sauce for fun flavor. (Don’t over cook the shrimp or the fish!)

The Nan bread is simple. Put a few sprinkles of water on it and place on a cookie sheet in the oven at 400 for 3 minutes. About 25 minutes from start to finish and our plates were flavorful, colorful, healthy and yummy! And the best part...the kids LOVED it. My feeling about salmon is, less is more... I don't put too much sauce or crazy spice on it. I keep it simple and enjoy.

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