Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear mom and dad...with pen and paper

We don’t write enough letters.
Don’t you love getting actual mail in your mailbox? All I ever get are bills and catalogs. I love when my birthday rolls around cause I get the real deal cards in the mail. It makes my day. My grandpa used to send me the cutest cards. He would underline certain words that he wanted me to really hear like, “most wonderful granddaughter”. I knew he really meant it when he did it and that made it even more special.

Toady, write your parents or if applicable, your grandparents a card. Tell them a funny story and let them know what life is like. Then make sure to tell them how much you feel about them and all they have done for you. I certainly don’t want to put words in your mouth but I will be writing my parents. I will tell them how great they are as grandparents and how much I appreciate all their love, support and forgiveness along the way.

I talk to my parents almost every day. I have great relationships with both of them. They have been divorced since I was 7 and I feel blessed that I got to know them both so well. We always say “I love you” before we hang up the phone. But as life gets more hectic with kids, I rarely find the time to let them know how much they mean to me.

Today is the day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spend as much time as you can outside!

Check the weather ahead of time a plan a camping day with the kids. The only catch with this camping day is that it can all be done in your backyard. (if you don’t have a backyard, find a park close by) Set up the tent before they get out of bed. Next, plan a little picnic and make it the goal of spending the whole day, till naptime, outside.

I live in a snow town so when the weather warms up I can’t wait to head outside. It is as if once the snow melts and the sun comes up I need to absorb the outside as much as I can. I love when my kids get a good day of running around and get completely dirty from a full day outside.

The big reason why I need to concentrate on this “day outside” is because sometimes I get into a television rut. Well, actually my family and I. But I am the one who initially turns on the TV, so I blame myself. I turn on Blue’s Clues in the morning and somehow it stays on until lunchtime. Arrg! It is like a drug. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE television. But once I turn it on, it is like pulling teeth to get my 3 year old to do anything else. And it really bothers me if it is a sunny day outside and we are inside like bumps on a log!

Get some great activities lined up and have some fun. Here are some ideas.
Ride the trike.
Blow some bubbles.
Read some books in the tent.
Play tent tag.
Have a picnic.
Bring inside toys, outside. (they turn into a whole new toy!)
Art Art Art….anything messy can be done without worry outside.
If it’s hot, turn on the hose for a bit…or, if you are lucky enough, take a dip in the pool!
Tell stories, just like around a campfire.

Enjoy my little campers

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remember to support the Arts even if she is 4

I went to my niece’s dance recital today and it was amazing. She was absolutely adorable. She only did a few of the moves but you know she knew it and was watching everyone else making sure they had it all down. Every age group and type of dance was represented. They all made me smile, cry or gave me the chills. We live in a pretty small town and I was overwhelmed by the incredible talent that was represented. I was also reminded of how important dance and all the arts are to a person and a community.

So I told myself today that I have to commit to going to either a play, opera, ballet or some type of performance a year. It is hard when you rarely get a night out for a date. We often go the easy route and head to dinner and a movie. But I am going to make a BIG effort to support the arts and appreciate them first hand.

I think I almost appreciate things more because I cannot do them. Watching all of the wonderful dancers today was a great wake-up call that unless we buy the tickets and make the effort, the arts will not survive.

Let’s try to do this and support these incredible talents.